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Mother, daughter worked with Matt for 4 years

As a coach, I believe Matt is the standard by which other coaches should be measured.  His interaction with students, parents, and other coaches is always professional and courteous.    He holds himself to high standards and is exactly the type of person I want teaching my child.  He sets a good example both on and off the ice. 

 I've learned that he is honest, hardworking, extremely detail oriented, organized, positive, pleasant, friendly, and just an overall good person;  attributes which translate into one great coach!  Matt is committed to his work and his students, and has the ability to develop each skater to his or her maximum potential. He keeps the skater’s strengths and weaknesses in balance, which leads to confident and successful skaters. He provides the skater with all of the tools necessary to be successful.

Mother & 2 Time US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team Member 

We just wanted to let you know that we are extremely happy with your ice skating classes.  My daughter has truly enjoyed learning from Matt this last session, He was amazing with his class!  He was patient, fun, and extremely efficient with his teaching style.  Thank you and THANK YOU MATT for not only providing a safe and fun environment for these kids but also really teaching them skills every week with tons of encouragement and a respectful amount of expectations.  It's been a blast seeing my daughter progress and finally care about trying hard at something!  Motivation is so important for athletes!   You are great at what you do! 


Mother & Software Tech. Daughter began at age 11 and passed 2 Gold Tests before leaving for college at age 17.

Matt Lind is both a wonderful teacher and coach.  He not only shares his outstanding knowledge of skating skills, but also encourages his students to be aware and to observe for themselves what works best for them.  He challenges them to become thinking skaters as well as attentive students.   He is an excellent role model, who not only helps his students become better skaters, but also empowers them to become more fit, more confident, care about others, and further themselves in a way that reaches beyond skating. 


Mother & Project Manager 

Came for help on achieving a goal. Stayed on for longer

Matt is a very special coach.  When we first met Matt, my daughter was struggling to land her axel.  After working with several coaches for several years with no success, Matt connected with her and solved her problem.  He gave her confidence that she could land not only an axel but doubles as well.

He expects a lot while at the same time providing critique with compassion and understanding.  He is thorough in his explanation of the steps required to perform successful jumps and spins.  It helped her when Matt backed it up with the dart fish as well. My child looks up to Matt and is a better skater because of him.  

I highly recommend Matt Lind as a coach.  There are many skaters that would benefit from Matt's compassion for the sport and more importantly his dedication to his students.

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