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Staycation Challenge


I'll be keeping track at home and updating you all on the scoreboard!

You can earn points in a few ways:

5 Points:

  • Submitting a clip of your daily off-ice workout

  • Submitting a winning clip of your physical challenge

3 Points:

  • Winning a contest

  • Correctly answering trivia

1 Point:

  • Submitting an entry into a contest

  • Submitting an answer for trivia

DAILY WORKOUT: I'll continue to update and change

Running: While it's light out please!

  • Get a parents permission

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes

  • Get going!

  • When your timer goes off, turn around!

  • Be safe and wear reflective gear if you have it.

  • If it's safer to just run around your neighborhood that's ok too!

Dynamic Warm Up: You all know it!

  • Jogging down and back

  • Side Hops - Bell your feet

  • Grapevines - Lots of little steps

  • High Knees

  • Kick-your-butts

  • Tightrope forward and backward

  • Power Skip

  • Power Skip 3 Step

  • Power Skip 3 Step to Check Out

Dynamic Stretching: Make sure your body is WARM!

  • High Kick 3 step

  • Pull up your knee straight 3 step

  • Pull up turned out 3 step

  • Penguin Walk on your heels

  • Ballerina Walk on your toes, arms up

Jump Rope: Normal routine.

  • 100 Singles

  • 20 on the Left foot

  • 20 on the Right foot

  • 20 running

  • 20 crossed

  • Try to beat your double record



  • 90 SECONDS

  • Hands must stay touching

  • Anchor your feet

VIDEO: Today you are getting a 2fer!

I want you to send me two things. I'll judge and the winners will be announced and have their entries shared.

  • Most WELL CHOREOGRAPHED program you can find.

  • Ugliest Skating Dress you can find (video or picture)

TRIVIA: Today's Question...

  • Who was the first woman to land each triple jump?

GAME: You Be The Judge

  • For my IJS Girls: Send me what level you think this skater's 3 spins are.

  • For my littles: Tell me which one was her best spin and why.

Submit all entries to:

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